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5 Facebook Hacks For Your Business

Posted in Social Media by Tammy on March 29, 2017

Facebook is continuing to improve its features and here are 5 of them you may or may not know about.

  1. Page Features

    Have you explored all the features on your Facebook page? With the buttons ‘Get Phone Calls’, ‘Help people find your business’, and ‘Get Messages’ you can actually create a post which will add the appropriate buttons in your post so you can share easily and it gives it a nicer look as it adds your cover photo with the button.

    With the ‘Write a Note’ feature you can add a photo/image and write a note to be published on your page. It works a bit like a blog post allowing you to write more than you normally would if you were just creating a normal post on Facebook.

  2. Determine the best posting times

    Each business is different which means that every business will have different analytics. Facebook has some great features for determining the best time to publish posts to your page based on your previous fans.
    This is how you can check.

    1. Go to your business page
    2. Click on Insights along the top
    3. Click on posts down the left hand side

You will now see the last 7 days and the times that your fans were online allowing you to target those times when posting.

  1. Pages to watch feature

    Would you like to watch the competition or see how people in similar fields are going with their Facebook page. Well you can with the Pages to Watch feature. To access this
    1. Go to your page
    2. Insights
    3. Posts
    4. Click on ‘Top posts from pages you watch’
    As you can see on the screenshot it will then give you the option to add pages

    Once you’ve done this you will be able to see the top posts that person has published this week, what type of engagement they are getting, and what date they were published.

  2. Following & Interacting as your Business Page

    To find this feature it’s on the right hand side of your page underneath your likes. It’s a handy feature especially if you are wanting to keep your business page separate from your personal page on Facebook.

    If you would like more information about this feature this is a previous article written How To Like Other Businesses On Facebook that goes over how & why you should like other business pages as your own.

  3. Changing Your Template

    Did you know that one of the changes recently was the ‘templates’ feature. It’s hidden under settings and then edit page. There are 7 templates to choose from which include Business, Services, Shopping, Venues, Politicians, Restaurants & Cafes and Standard. Once you’ve chosen your template you can add what tabs you would like visible on your page and what order.

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