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Dropbox Not Just Cloud Storage

Posted in Uncategorized by Tammy on June 10, 2017

Dropbox Paper have you heard of it?

Me neither until today that is.

Dropbox is one of the most used cloud storage providers for both Business and Personal users and it appears that Dropbox doesn’t only store your files, images and documents but has also turned into a collaborative tool.  There are a couple of features that you may not be aware of with Dropbox especially if you’re like me and access your files from within your control panel on your PC.

When you log into Dropbox through the website, you can see all your folders. If click on a file you will notice that on the right hand side you can comment beside the image or document. Using mentions with the @ symbol and typing the persons username you can tag them and alert them to your comment within Dropbox. They are making it easier and easier to just use the one program now.

The other feature I came across was Paper. On the left hand side if you click on this you will be given the option to view a few examples of their templates. For instance you have a task list, project and there are a couple of others too. With Dropbox Paper they also do an app for your IOS or Android phone so you have access where ever you go.

You can also set due dates, sync your Google Calendar, you can see who edited a document, created one, you receive notifications when this happens and it seems like you can do so much more too.

I already loved Dropbox and I’m looking forward to exploring these features more, if you would like to explore Dropbox Paper further you can visit there website here.


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