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Multi-tier architecture for your website

Posted in Website Hosting by Abilash on March 20, 2017

For years, most of the websites were hosted on a single tier architecture. If you have used a website control panel such as cPanel, you have most likely used a single tier web hosting. What this exactly means is that all of the services are hosted on a single physical/virtual server. Your DNS, website code, your database, your emails and other static content are all stored on the same server with a single IP address. Some cPanel servers have the database stored in a remote server. Some others have emails on a different server. This is by far the easiest implementation, easy to maintain and less expensive way to host a website.

Recently, with cloud taking over the internet and being more cost effective than a traditional hosting like a collocation or a dedicated server, things have changed. Even a simple website can now be hosted on a multi-tire architecture with a cost benefit and increased performance, reliability and security. The picture below represents a simple multi-architecture web application.

The primary advantages of hosting your website and application in a multi-tier architecture over the traditional shared hosting are:

  • Static files can be served through a Content Delivery Network which makes the page load much quickly
  • Dynamic content can be served through an auto-scaling group that scales as the traffic demands
  • Database is stored in a completely separated layer
  • Updates to the website can be done without any downtime
  • Backups and recoveries are quick and easy, again, without any downtime
  • A/B testing can be performed easily

If you are unsure if your website can be hosted in a multi-tier architecture and for more information about the cost effectiveness, please feel free to write to us. Our AWS certified Solutions Architect can assist you in taking your website and application to the cloud.

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