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What business problem does GitHub solve?

GitHub is the largest code host. Doesn’t matter large or small, every repository come with the same powerful tools. These tools are open to the community for public projects and secure for private projects.

Why is GitHub a good solution for my business?

  • Flexible integrated issue tracking, keeping you on top of bugs and focus on features.
  • Has collaborative code review, which is a vital part of the GitHub workflow.
  • Manage your teams within the organization, when you mention a team all the team members receive a notification.
  • With autocompleter, gives you a quick way to mention people, teams, create teams and more.
  • Syntax highlighted code and rendered data, supporting over 200 programming languages.
  • Available on Windows and Mac, with mobile views allowing you to track projects on the go.

How can I use GitHub to help grow my business?

succinct. incisive. expressive. concise.