Software We Use

What business problem does GoToMeeting solve?

Makes video conferencing online face to face with colleagues easy, enabling you to collaborate and share in real time.

Why is GoToMeeting a good solution for my business?

  • Meet face to face through HD video conferencing.
  • Present and collaborate by sharing your screen with other users.
  • Can choose between VoIP phone and standard phone, guests can choose their audio source.
  • Use GoToMeeting on your phone, tablet or watch.
  • You can receive a customized URL to claim your permanent Personal Meeting Room.
  • Guests can present and share their screens as well.
  • With Outlook and Google Calendar integration you can schedule meetings directly from your calendar.
  • Clearly record your meeting and send it out to guests who may have missed your meeting.

How can I use GoToMeeting to help grow my business?

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